WITH a sprinkle of imagination, any dream can be achieved in these workshops, webinars and courses. There is no experience needed, as Maeve will work with each student at their own level and develop their skills. So, if you believe in the magic of storytelling, all you need to do is get in touch…

*Children aged 7 – 12

*All balloons, string, paper, pencils, spare imagination and fun supplied

*Weekday and weekend workshops available

*Discount for early registration




Over the last four years, Maeve has created imaginary worlds for her students, allowing them to leave earth behind and travel to magical dimensions. The MAD Atlas is a creative writing course that allows her students to take charge of their own adventures!

             Workshops & courses run weekly, so get in touch



Beginners Creative Writing Course / 1.5 hours x 4 weeks / 100 euro

Breaking The Basics (advanced creative writing) / 1.5 hours x 4 weeks / 110 euro

The MAD Times (creative writing & journalism) / 1.5 hours x  4 weeks / 110 euro

*Courses run monthly and develop each student’s skill continually  – please contact Maeve for course dates (private and group)

*It is possible to pay by installments



*Private & group sessions available (one-off or spanning two days or more, depending on the depth you want to achieve – please contact Maeve for a price & a plan)

*Each session will deal with different literary tools and encourage self-belief as the children create their own characters and imaginary worlds


A thousand years ago, the city of MADlantis sunk to the bottom of ocean, taking all of its treasures and secrets with it. In this workshop, the students will have to build their own mythical legacy as they deep dive into the sea, in pursuit of history and meaning. But will they be able to solve the mystery and return the powerful city to the surface?
   Focused on the value of context and the development of cvilisations, this workshop will challenge the students to imagine their own worlds and detail what matters the most, while they face their fears and paint a picture of the future.




 When an earthquake splits MAD City, nothing is the same. The journalists at The MAD Times must go and report what happened; but when they discover the magic in the air,  will they be able to handle the powers gifted to them?

Ps. The MAD Times is also open for submissions…





Everyone has seen bunnies hop-hop-hopping around! But have they seen where the bunnies  are bouncing to? Or what they like to bury? In this workshop, the children will discover a whole new magical world- one that exists right beneath their feet. What will the bunnies  teach them? And what will the children be willing to leave behind, to keep the bunnies’ secret? By focusing on character and scene development, the children will master their storytelling skills, while picking up Maeve’s top tips!



OH MY! IT’S 3005!

The children must use their imaginations to travel into the future and create a whole new world, where there are spaceships and restaurants on the moon. But as soon as they develop their characters and their background, they must save the universe from a meteorite that is speeding through space, heading right toward them.




THE RED BALLON (All-Ireland hit!)

When a magical balloon appears before your eyes, it is all fun and games as you sail up, up and away into the clouds. But when the wind changes, how will you make your way back down?






Set in medieval times, where there are no phones, computers or internet, the children must build their own world, with fairies, dinosaurs, elves and every other creature that exists. Then, they must write to save the MADLANDS from the descending darkness.






Not many children know that a book can come to life when they fall in love with it. So, what will they do when they find themselves walking between the lines and facing their favourite characters and villains? Hopefully, they will imagine a way home…






Inside the MAD toybox, there are all kinds of toys and adventures to be had, especially when the toys meet a new child and come to life. But after being cooped up together for so long, their friendship is tested when a new toy discovers their toybox and an adult begins to suspect they are alive.






With only 5 people on the MAD EXPRESS (a magical train), the children must choose two of the characters and write from two different perspectives, while trying to solve the mystery; who is driving the train?





Out on the ocean, hunting for treasure, the MAD Crew find what they are looking for. But the ocean does not want to give it up. Will the Crew risk being lost at sea? Or will they find a magical way to get home safe?



*Contact Maeve for information and ideas, and remember what Peter Pan said:

“Think happy thoughts and you will fly!”


Every course, workshop and webinar Maeve creates is based around the importance of imagination, creativity, well-being, teamwork and fun. In the STORYTIME FOR FAMILIES workshop, the author and creative journalist will supply the imaginary world you all travel to, while tasking you with capturing your characters tales, whether it is by writing, drawing or telling them.  Then, Maeve will compile your family’s work and provide you with a storybook, so your story will live forever.  And if you have an idea or theme, Maeve will develop a workshop specifically for you, just get in touch and let the dreams do the work…

*Children aged 5+

*Contact for price/time (average price = 60 euro per 1.5 hours, including a MAD made storybook)


* Contact Maeve for any information, and remember what the Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland said:

“We’re all mad here.”