Maeve A. Devoy travels all over Ireland, collecting people’s stories and hosting creative writing workshops for children and teenagers. She has worked with libraries, schools, youth groups and adult literacy services, whilst instilling the importance of sharing our stories and holding onto our dreams. With a masters in Literary Journalism and years spent studying literature and creative writing, Maeve deconstructs the worlds of fact and fiction, allowing her students to make the most of both forms.

Focused on day-to-day life, where Maeve believes the true wonder of the world exists, she continues to create new worlds for her students to explore their imagination and skill, while developing her own portfolio of work. She has been curating creative educational programmes for the last seven years, which has developed her skills as an educator and expanded her understanding of society.

Her goal is to communicate the power of storytelling, not only for those who get to listen, but for those who put pen to paper. No matter their level of experience.


“All it takes it a bit of belief and a sprinkle of imagination. Then, whatever you thought was impossible, will surely become a reality.”