Whether you have been writing for years or are just getting started, the workshops, webinars and courses below are designed to harness your imagination and skill by delving into the craft of fact and fiction. With a masters in Literary Journalism and over a decade studying creative writing, Maeve will incorporate the fundamental traits of both practices into her lesson plan, so you can weave your words around any world you would like to create or explore. All you have to do is bring your wildest dreams to class…


*Teenagers aged 13 – 17

*Webinars hosted over zoom (for the moment) and may run over time

*Maeve can work with you on any project, theme and publishing

*Weekday and weekend workshops available

*Discount for early registration



Beginners Creative Writing / 1.5 hour x 4 weeks / 55 euro

Tearing Up Tradition (Intermediate – Advanced) / 1.5 hour x 4 weeks / 65 euro

The Art Of The Short (Short Stories & Poetry) / 1.5 hour x 4 weeks  / 60 euro

*Courses run monthly and develop each student’s skills continually – please contact Maeve for course dates (private and group)

*It is possible to pay in installments



*Private & group sessions available (one-off or spanning two days or more, depending on the depth you want to achieve – please contact Maeve price & a plan)

*Each session will develop different literary tools and encourage self-belief as the students create their own characters and imaginary worlds



This creative writing webinar will take everything you know about fact and fiction and tear it apart, so you are able to get to the root of why we tell stories and why we read them. Then, you will be able to discover the importance of your own voice and why it should be heard, alongside the voices of those you choose to speak out for.

   Having always dreamt of becoming an author, Maeve A. Devoy accomplished her dream at the age of 23, when she set out to collect the stories of people from all over Ireland and create a better understanding of the world we live in, the struggles we face and the successes that go unnoticed every day. Maeve will share her story, her top tips and her battle to become what she never believed she could.
   But will the writers who take a trip inside The MAD Diary with her, be curious enough and willing enough to challenge what they see and believe? And make their entry into the literary world?



With a B.A. and M.A. in Literary Journalism, Maeve will delve in to constructs of reality, while you learn to take the tools a journalist uses – such as the interview, the inverted pyramid and multiple methods of research – and enhance your work, whether it is fact or fiction. You will also become the voice of your community, as you work with your local newspaper and step into the world of publication. But will you be able to meet your deadline? And will you be able to find and write the stories that make a difference? With this webinar/course, Maeve believes you will be able to achieve any of your literary dreams!




There is no story without conflict, nor is there a life or a road without bumps. This workshop focuses on the drama- building it and putting it out- and the challenges our characters must face in order to progress. By identifying the reasoning behind events and the consequences, you will discover what it takes to keep your reader reading, alongside the strength it takes to create change, once you have the heart to fight with your words…




*If there is something you wish to learn about writing fact or fiction, please contact Maeve, and remember what Dr. Seuss said:

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”