“Maeve A. Devoy is a gem.  Little did we know following our initial chat that our students would be so beguiled by her gentle and positive presence. Her methods are playful, clever and effective.  Our students worked alone and in mini groupings to create something special, where their youthful humour and zest for life shine through, as does their life experiences and concerns.  Maeve’s visit gave them an opportunity to view their lives afresh.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone’s experiences matter.  Everyone can make a difference.  Maeve spoke of her journey and read one of her self styled stories to them.  Three of her short story books were purchased by the group, such was the impression Maeve made.  Without exception students benefited from the workshop.  ALL students would like to work with Maeve in the future.

Maynooth Mother:

My daughter absolutely loved the course, Maeve was really excellent, very open, helpful and encouraging. The time flew which is definitely a good sign. My son has done creative writing courses in the past, however I felt this course topped them all. Maeve was very interactive with the attendees and I like the way she broke the story down each day and sent on email summaries every day. This event was really good. After my daughter finished, she was smiling like crazy.


Kildare Library:

The feedback we got from The MAD Toybox was outstanding.  We have people from all over the place who definitely want more.


County Council Librarian:

I attended the Hunting and Gathering Tales event with Maeve A. Devoy via Zoom. The event went really well. Maeve was an excellent presenter and very engaging with the class in a calm and professional manner. The teacher has since emailed me saying how much the class loved her workshop and overall it went very smoothly with the kids asking plenty of questions and designing their own medieval world with character development, structing a story narrative etc.